Motorcycle Dents?

U.S. Dent is proud to offer Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair! There is now an option to repainting or replacing your dented tanks and fenders.
MPDR is perfect for custom painted bikes because the process of paintless repairs involves pushing the dent out from underneath and doesn’t harm the paint in any way, saving you time, money, and heartache.
Smaller dents on fenders can usually be done at your location, but the more complex dents would require the fender to come off the bike so we can mount it on our stand. Most tanks need to be drained and removed for a proper repair.
Our MPDR prices for fenders start at $100.00 and tanks start at $200.00. Schedule an appointment today!

See below for some examples of our work…

Mounting stuff under your handlebars causes some good dents on top of fenders.


Honda Shadow Dent

Honda Shadow Dent

Matte Black Tank

Visit out YouTube page and subscribe for more videos and some tips for the DIY types.

2 comments on “Motorcycle Dents?
  1. Chuck says:

    Watched some videos on your youtube channel. Even though i am in this business for over 2 years, learned a lot of valuable stuff. Keep up the great work, guys!

    Best regards,

    • U.S. Dent says:

      Thanks Chuck. We try to be helpful but most turn out to just be before and after shots. If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll try to do a video to help.

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